Thursday, October 2, 2008


After much teasing from Lamborghini over its all-new concept car, here's the whole thing - and it's said to be close to production.

The Estoque, named for a bullfighter's sword, is the long-rumored four-door Lamborghini, a 2+2 seater to rival the likes of the Aston Martin Rapide and the Porsche Panamera.

It uses styling cues from the Murcielago and Reventon to look every inch an uncompromised supercar - its extra rear doors are subtle. It should also be lightweight; it's built around an aluminium spaceframe structure similar to that of the Audi A8.

Though it's not a working prototype as yet, this four-wheel-drive Estoque could be fitted with the 5.2-litre, 560bhp V10 as used in the Gallardo LP 560-4, rather than the Murcielago's V12, though several other engines from the Volkswagen-Audi Group could also be used in the production vehicle - even the V12 TDI diesel as in the latest range-topping Q7, a smaller but turbocharged V8, or a hybrid powertrain system. The engine is front-mid mounted, for optimum weight distribution.

Though just 1.35m tall, the Estoque is 5.15m long and has a wheelbase of over 3m, plus a large boot - said to be big enough for a pair of golf bags. It sits on 22-inch wheels up front and 23-inchers to the rear, giving a muscular stance, and its cabin, with large LCD display screen which can be set to a traditional design with circular dials or digital displays, is upholstered in 'highest-quality' nappa leather. Rear-seat passengers can enjoy a top-notch entertainment system, as well as a high-end stereo.

The Estoque is thought to be scheduled for production in 2010, with annual sales of 3000 planned, though Lamborghini is remaining tight-lipped: it says only that the Estoque 'represents one of several possibilities for a third model series within the Lamborghini product line-up. At this point in time, no decisions have been taken in respect of either a third model series of any kind or of the Estoque concept in particular.'

The fact that this concept has been engineered to meet all European occupant and pedestrian safety standards suggests that it's very much a goer, though, for a start, and Lamborghini does admit that 'it is based on a feasible technical concept.'

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